adidas Ultra BOOST ST

adidas Ultra BOOST ST release

If the adidas Ultra BOOST is not the best running shoe of this year, then it is by far the most talked about. But maybe adidas thought that the talk was not big enough, because just before the turn of the year, they turn up the notches and release a new model. The Ultra BOOST ST.

Let me assure you, this is not just an aesthetic update to cash in some more on all the interest in the shoe. No, this is a serious upgrade of a near perfect running shoe.

So what’s the fuzz about the ST? In short it is essentially the same old Ultra BOOST we know, but the midsole is engineered in a multi-density manner to minimize excessive pronation. In other words, a stability bar has been added to the midsole to help runners who tend to pronate.

So who is this shoe for? Basically those runners that have favorited the Ultra BOOST for its cushioning 100% Boost midsole but had the feeling they could do with a bit more support.

Via Sneaker Politics.

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