Bridge The Gap: London Calling


– Bridge The Gap: London Calling
– Via Rosie Lee

In association with Nike UK, design agency Rosie Lee created a London experience that would bring 11 international running crews closer together during the British 10K on July 8th.
Despite the fact that running is mostly a solo endeavour it can be very motivating being part of a group of like minded people. Running crews seem to be taking the established world of athlete clubs by storm the past few years. Crews are popping up in every city and some of them are even making a name for themselves internationally.
Members of these crews are connected to one another through the shared interest in music, design, style and creativity in general. Rosie Lee branded and organised a weekend of events designed to match these interests.
The weekend saw Nike UK and London’s Run Dem Crew play host to crews from 11 major cities: from Berlin and Moscow to LA, New York and Tokyo.
More info and photo’s can be seen at Rosie Lee.