#BRIDGETHEGAP is a worldwide community, a movement of likeminded people that share both the love for and joy of running, as well as the drive to explore the magic of the sport. #BRIDGETHEGAP – The Story is an initiative by the captain of the Berlin Braves running crew Joey Elgersma to capture the essence of this international running community. Enjoy!

“Some only come out at night. Some never stepped foot on a track. Some never defined themselves as athletes. Yet all are inspired by a common philosophy and by the idea of using the pavements of their urban wildlife as their playground. From New York City to Moscow, from London to Zurich – they are all inspired by each other. They are unified by a responsibility to make each other improve, in the pursuit of accomplishing the unthinkable. These are the times when you share joy as much as you share pain, and you grow into a team inseparable.”