District Vision Sindo Performance Socks

District Vision launches Performance Sock Collection

We have come to know District Vision as a holistic running brand where no body part is left unattended. Now your feet can get the District Vision treatment as well.

In a collaboration with Falke, District Vision launches the Sindo performance sock system. In this collaboration the foot is studied to develop a truly holistic solution for the modern runner. Falke, that has been a leading engineering force in socks since its foundation in 1895, is by no means a partner of size and familiar to many runner.

District Vision has set out to create the world’s most versatile performance sock. The construction features three layers of cooling Lyocell fabric to transport moisture away from the foot and ensure a consistent temperature.

District Vision Sindo Performance Socks

An innovative compression zone in the ankle area of the Sindo sock system encourages the body to respond faster to any potential misalignments and reduce the risk of injury.

The patented left / right cushioning technology that is developed with an acute understanding of feet pressure points ensures stability when running.

Available at District Vision in the colors black, green and blue.

District Vision Sindo Performance Socks