LALO BUD/s Recon Desert running shoe

The Recon by LALO is a quick-response running shoe inspired by the SEALs need to move with efficiency over varied terrain and distances. The tri-density outsole allows for fine-tuning and superior cushioning, making the Recon suitable for both long and short distance runs. Features the LALO OCF Fit System, Anti-Inversion Dynamic Fit feature, ceramic-coated SUPER FABRIC™ toecap, passive drainage system, and Tri-Density Zodiac foam outsole.

The Recon is manufactured by American sportsmanufacturing compnany LALO. LALO Tactical makes uncommon gear for the common man and woman who strive to do uncommon things. Making the most technologically advanced products for the military and beyond. Their collection is Navy SEAL tested and approved so you are in good company on your runs.

The BUD/s line is produced with high quality materials, attention to detail and commitment to constant innovation. Each offering in the BUD/s line is extensively tested by the best of the best, including Special Forces operators, cross-training athletes, adventure racers, professional athletes, distance runners and water sports experts.

The BUD/s line consists of an array of footwear designed to not only span the entire career of Special Forces Operators, but with the “silent professionals” in mind. It is dedicated to the everyday individuals who get the job done, do it with gusto, and who’s foremost goal is to impact the well being of their fellow humans in a positive way.

The Recon running shoe is suitable for any distance and any terrain and looks simply awesome! We like.