Like The Wind Magazine issue 5

Like The Wind magazine issue 5

For those not so much interested in how to run but more in why we run, Like The Wind magazine should be a familiar name. If not, we highly recommend you get to know this magazine. Trust us, you will love it!

Issue 5 is out now and available on the LTW website and selected dealers. This issue is packed from cover to cover with fascinating stories, breathtaking illustrations and stunning photography. Some of the good stuff you will find inside:

  • running fiction about spirituality, running and second chances for mankind
  • an excerpt from the first graphic novel retelling the story of Steve Prefontaine’s life
  • a report from a return to the good old days of distance running on the track
  • a look back at the athletics career of Seb Coe with words from the man himself
  • a story about how a love of trail running started with a cup of tea

If you like reading about running and appreciate good stories, photography and illustration craftmanship, then this is one magazine that has got you covered.