Meter Magazine Issue #01

In November last year we reported about the print endeavour by Tracksmith in the form of an editorial paper. This time round they are releasing a full fledged magazine, Meter Magazine Issue #01.

Meter is a magazine that celebrates the amateurs at the heart of our sport, that basks in the history of competitive running and reflects the diverse communities that running fosters. The photography bears witness to the grace, intensity, and beauty of running at its finest, and the stories pay respect to its fabled heritage.
Meter magazine has set out to become a running magazine unlike any other.

Issue #01 covers anything from glimpses of revolutionairy times long forgotten to field reports of an athletic tradition all of its own: fell running. Meter also talks to Meb Keflezighi a year after his historic Boston win and asks him how it feels to become an all American hero. It also digs into the ever growing world of running crews and investigates to find out how they have succeeded where traditional clubs have struggled.

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