Moskva River Runners

– Moskva River Runners

There is something about running crews that makes us want to feature them. It might be the spirit of freedom and indepence that surrounds them or just the plain old cool factor.
Same thing goes for the Moscow based Moskva River Runners. This crew is an independent running club, not about hard working and competing, but about friendship and love to the city. Two days a week they train in the center of Moscow, splitting in 2 groups by distance of 10K and 5-7K runs.
The name of the crew is partly due to the city the run in, Moscow, but the main river’s name that goes through the whole city is Moskva (that’s how the Russians spell the city name in the Russian language). The crew members are hard to categorize in profession, some are pretty popular bloggers, some DJ’s, rock musicians or painters, even sneakers collectors, half pro basketball players and clerks.
The crew has their base in the sneaker store “Sneakerhead”. The store is situated 10 minutes walk from Kremlin it is right in the historical center of Moscow.
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