MXP Sports Dry underwear

Running is a natural thing to do and these day’s its made easy for us. Just put on some top and bottom layers, grab your favourite runningshoes, advised by a specialty store and hit the roads. How often do you think of wearing the right underwear? I bet most of us just run in their day to day cotton underwear ending up smelly and stcky after your run. This does not have to be the case proves the MXP brand of prerformance underwear. MXP is nanotechnology-enhanced lightweight underwear that can neutralize the smell from four liters of sweat. It is fabricated with stylish and simple design and the function of deodorizing effects, quick drying and stretch. Its modified cross-section fiber absorbs and dries perspiration quickly, making it functional as both sportswear and casual daily wear. MXP includes anti-odor protection that eliminates unpleasant body odors caused by perspiration and aging and has moisture-absorbing, quick-drying properties.
The underwear comprises a nanotechnology- and eucalyptus-infused fabric by Toray that’s lightweight, sweat-absorbent, odor-removing, antibacterial, antistatic, flame-resistant, and quick-drying. Another benefit: They’re also water-conserving because they require infrequent washing. In fact, it has been tested by a Japanese astronaut back in 2009 wearing the same underwear for a month without complaints of this crew.

Via Goldwin