Newline running outfit Spring Summer 2014

Newline is a performance gear manufacturer from Denmark. The brand was founded in 1981 with a man being offline hanging in a parachute between sky and earth. And as ideas and inspiration tend to come in unsuspected situations, he began wondering why his suit was wet and the parachute still dry. His curiosity turned into creativity and sparked the beginning of Newline Outfit.

From the parachute fabric he made one of the first running suits ever. His background in the Special Forces and a focus on military precision, together with many years as a runner helped him to create an innovative range of functional products. All focused on details and comfort on a runner’s ride.

The collection for this year’s Spring and Summer consists of jackets, vests, tees, shorts and pants for both men and women. Each garment looks not only sharply cut but also colorful with the stylish yet functional runner in mind. For Newline running is not about reaching a 100 marathons but it’s about the feeling you get when you are out there and to us this is reflected in the brand’s apparel.

Visit the Newline website for more on the brand and collection.