Nike Mayfly 2012 – mint

– Nike Mayfly 2012 – mint
– Via SF

The last time we wrote about the Nike Mayfly was almost two years ago. One of the lightest runningshoes is back at it again. Set to be released in a few colorways this year.
The Nike Mayfly was originally introduced in 2003 and names after the insect that lives, breeds, and dies all in one day, the mayfly. Nike wanted to pro­duce a shoe which lasted run­ners just long enough to warm-up for, and fin­ish a marathon. The final prod­uct was a rac­ing shoe which is man­u­fac­tured to last 100 kilo­me­ters (62 miles).
The Nike Mayfly comes in a freshly mint colorway amongst others and will be available at select retailers from next month.