adidas Springblade review

The thing that grabs the most attention with the adidas Springblade is the bunch of blades underfoot. There are sixteen of them and in short they make up the shoe’s foam-less midsole. The purpose is that the shoe will spring back with each step and propels a runner forward in his or hers running stride. According to adidas, the Springblade runningshoe provides one of the highest energy returns in the industry. Time to put this to a little test of ourselves.

We have tested the Springblade outside on the road as well on a treadmill. In both scenarios the shoe gives good comfort and cushioning and remains sufficient breathable. The Springblade is a bit on the heavier side so a speedy runner would probably prefer the Energy Boost, but for an average daily training run you are in good company.
Maybe its the technology of the blades -after six years of development- but the shoe absorbs the impact while running almost perfectly, resulting in an easy and comfortable ride. We might have to do some more testing to see how the energy return stacks up in time.