Running Beanie by Iffley Road Because you need one

Unless you live in a more tropical kind of climate you will have noticed that winter is upon us. And with that comes protection of certain bodyparts when you're out running.

One part of your body you should be protecting out in the cold is your head. It doesn’t matter if you have a thick head of hair, that won’t do. You still need protection.

Did you know that your body will try and keep your brain working as long as possible regardless the conditions? It has no problems with loosing fingers and toes to the cold but it will remain pumping blood to your head. Part of that blood goes back to your heart and along the way heat loss occurs at an accelerated rate. So bear in mind that in cold conditions, like running in winter, it is important to retain that warmth for comfort and safety. (source:

Luckily Iffley Road just launched its Barnes II Running Beanie. This double layer, contrast headband beanie will keep your head toasty whatever the temperature. Made from super soft merino wool, it combines traditional British knitwear expertise and craftsmanship with Italian skills and innovation in woollen yarn production. Merino wool is light, warm and soft and insulates sufficiently so it makes for a great beanie. And a stylish one for that matter.

Remember this rule: if your head retains more heat, your body can redirect warmth to chillier bodyparts.

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