Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 3 – August 2014 release

Fell running, also known as mountain running and hill running, is offroad running and racing over steep country. The name arises from the origins of the English sport on the fells of northern Britain, especially those in the Lake District.

Fell races are organized on the premise that contenders possess mountain navigation skills and carry adequate survival equipment, much like trailrunning. Maybe the biggest difference between trailrunning and fell running is becoming the distance. Trailrunning trends towards ultra running with events such as the The Ultra Tour of Mont Blanc (UTMB) which covers around 170 kilometers and over 9500 metres of ascent!

Offroad running is becoming more and more popular and is attracting the attention of some big outdoor companies like Salomon. Salomon has been offering shoes and equipment for trailrunners for some years now and this August they will release the Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 3 runningshoe. True to its S-Lab designation, the Fellcross has always been a tuned racing shoe that provides ultimate performance on the mountainside. The third version gets even sleeker than prior versions, and should be an even faster option for intense athletes.


Those who regularly run in snow and mud know how heavy shoes can feel when they get wet – definitely not ideal for performance running when every ounce matters. The Fellcross 3 introduces new midsole and upper materials that are designed to not absorb moisture in wet conditions, keeping the shoe lightweight and ready to go.

The Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 3 comes exclusively in Men’s sizes and will be available August 2014.