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– SKORA Running – Run Real
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There is more goodness coming out of Portland, Oregon than Nike. SKORA was founded in 2008 by ordinary runners that were tired of all the hype, and tired of the injuries that their traditional shoes were causing or aggravating.
In this time and age with barefoot, minimal, natural running being all the rage, SKORA Running believes in one thing and that’s Real Running. A more natural running style promotes a more efficient gait which helps reduce impact-related injuries.
SKORA footwear is built using their REALFIT™ last, designed for a more natural fit, with zero-drop (defined as no differential in midsole/outsole height from heel-to-toe). SKORA shoes offer a wider, anatomically correct toebox for comfort, and encourage natural performance.
The current that are shipping now are BASE Blue, BASE Silver, FORM Black and FORM Natural.