Ten Thousand

Then Thousand Performance Apparel Essentials for demanding athletes

Ten Thousands is a new emerging brand and creates uncompromising performance essentials for demanding athletes by integrating the finest custom fabrics, a honed fit and timeless design for supreme capability.

At Ten Thousand, minimalism isn’t just a style, it’s a philosophy. Egineering products without excess and distilled to essentials. By designing gear for the widest range of use and that can be worn for the entire life of the garment, the company makes for elevated products, responsible consumption and a less cluttered life for any athletic. Not following the seasonal trends of the big established companies Ten Thousand is set out to make a difference and help you get rid of the stuff you never use, in a responsible way.

Any activewear products that are past their useful life can be sent to Ten Thousand — free of charge — and their partner Trans-America Textile Recycling, the longest-standing textile recycling company in the US, will find a way to reuse, repurpose, or recycle them.

Want to learn more about Ten Thousand? Then visit the website and request for a preview code and be able to buy the intitial collection consisting of the Foundation Shirt and Foundation Short.