What I See When I Run

When Francis Ooi leaves home, telling his wife he’s going for a run, he’s obviously lying. Because he walks more than he runs. And he’s never out of breath either. Otherwise he’d never spot his breathtaking subjects, on the pathways of Singapore.

Inspired by the botanical illustration of the past, this is the modern interpretation. Armed with only a micro four thirds camera, Francis shoots many flora wherever he goes. Due to the camera format size, the largest size he will print is A1, without having the resolution breaking up.

Why the micro four thirds format instead of a bigger format? Simple. A bigger format camera certainly captures more details. More details in this instances is not necessarily a good thing. It’s like watching the latest hi-definition flat screen TV with super sharp details which hurt the eyes.

The current format on matt paper plus his treatment produces a nice fine grain thus giving it an illustration look rather than a photograph. So don’t be surprise if people ask is that an illustration or photograph.

Artwork by Francis Ooi.